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What We Do

We are a full service retail real estate consulting company specializing in a wide array of site location and market research services. Our specialty is retail expansion planning including sales forecasting and usually incorporates one or more of the following:

  • Feasibility studies.

  • Trade area definition and analysis.

  • Sales transfer studies.

  • Competition review and analysis.

  • Expenditure potential calculations.

  • Sales forecasting (gravity models, analog development, regression models).

  • Strategies for new market entries, and market expansions.

  • Image analysis.

The following is a more complete description of  the services we offer:

Gravity Modeling

  • Primarily used by the grocery industry.

  • The gravity model is one of the most accurate forecasting methods available.

  • PRC has 12 years of in-store grocery retail experience and 17 years of site location experience using the gravity model.

Analog Forecasting

  •  A snapshot of your store’s performance that  provides in-depth insight.

  • By studying this snapshot we can determine who your customer is, how far they drive to your store, and how much they spend.

  • Incorporating this knowledge of how your store performs today allows us to better predict how a new store will perform in a new location.

  • Analog sales forecasting is an excellent method for destination retail.

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Turnkey GIS Forecasting Systems

  • Through an Exclusive relationship with Site Perfect Research we also offer SitePro™, a software package customized with your proprietary sales and customer data.   This comprehensive GIS software program provides strategic as well as individual site analysis capability. This easy-to-use software delivers professional market research on your desktop/laptop. The results of a SitePro™ analysis are conveyed in relative performance ratings or site indices which are displayed in thematic maps and reports.

  • We can develop complete, easy to use, forecasting systems, that can be installed on your laptop and taken into the field.

  • Work on-site with your brokers to identify the best sites in the market area for expansion.

  • Determine the ramifications of a competitive entry on your deployment options, and forecast the sales of specific sites.

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Computer Mapping/Target Marketing

  • An excellent tool to help you see where and how well your concept and individual stores are penetrating.

  • Can assist you with fine tuning your advertising and marketing programs.

  • Easily visualize sales voids in a market. 

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Sales Transfer Studies

  • A critical aspect of successful store deployment is to determine how a new store impacts your existing stores and the resulting net new sales.

  • Determine the amount of sales that will transfer to your new location.

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Market Strategies

  • Finding the best sites for your retail concept is only part of ensuring success.

  • If a location prevents you from opening additional profitable locations or forces you to close locations then the first location is not truly successful.

  • A market strategy gives you an overview of the entire market.

  • It helps you prioritize sites so that every new location maximizes sales and minimizes the impact on your existing store network.

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Customer Intercept Surveys

  • The key to any successful research program is collecting your existing customer’s information.

  • We can design questionnaires and either administer or assist you in administering the survey.

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Shopping Center Analysis

  • Forecast sales for the anchor tenants and/or the sales potential for the ancillary space to determine the feasibility of a new shopping center.

  • Determine optimum tenant mix.

  • Our analysis can also be used to help you determine if a shopping center is worth purchasing and develop a re-tenanting strategy.

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On Site Training and Consulting

  • We can work on-site at your facilities to assist with sales forecasting backlogs, mapping, training and general consulting.

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Expert Witness Testimony

  • Our vast experience in retail site selection across many different markets makes us qualified to assist you with letters of opinion or serve as expert witnesses.

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